Story of Anes&Sens

Anes&Sens’s donkey milk is produced in Asinerie, a natural park in Belgium, one of the leading producers of donkey milk in Europe. They collect donkey milk from their own donkeys for drinking and skincare products. Milking the donkeys manually shows the trust between humans and donkeys. The best period for collecting donkey milk is from when a donkey is 2 to 12 months old, that is why the production of donkey milk is low and products made from donkey milk is rare.


The donkey family in Belgium raises and sells donkeys. They also produce donkey related product such as donkey milk and skincare products with passion and professional attitude. Anes&Sens, a natural donkey milk skincare brand, was founded in 1995 by the donkey family. Since then people have a different perspective on donkey milk. The process of adding donkey milk to soaps and skincare products is complicated. There are so many different kinds of products out in the market but only a few can use this special technique well. Due to our 15 years experiences and collaborations closely with cosmetic laboratories, our product range benefits from the best techniques that allows us to get the best out of donkey milk by using the unique skincare effect of donkey milk. Currently the company's main products are donkey milk soaps, shower products with donkey milk, face cream, mask and others.


Natural donkey milk skincare products help skin metabolism, restore the skin's brightness and elasticity, repair damaged skin. They have a good moisturising and firming effect, also in shrinking pores and delaying skin aging. They possess a whitening effect which can suppress the pigment increase and make freckles fade away.  

Anes&Sens has been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Their products are not made with additives and will not irritate skin. Men care about their skin’s health nowadays, which is why donkey milk products are suitable for them. Anes&Sens has also been chosen by Juliette & Victor, a Belgian magazine as 2015's most unique skincare brand in Belgium. You are welcome to visit our Facebook page (Anes&Sens HK) to know more about our latest news and information.